Our Services and Price List

You can be assured that tutoring and proofreading commissions undertaken by Decimal Education is of the highest quality at competitive rates. Please see the Testimonials page for feedback from our clients.

Please get in touch for a free 15-minute, no obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

Depending on your location, tutoring can be arranged face-to-face, but the process is more commonly done through Skype, email or telephone. Decimal Education is based in Birmingham, but students from across the West Midlands, UK and around the world are able to access help and support provided by us.

Decimal Education provides two main services to clients


A standard rate of £45 per hour applies for help and support provided through Skype, telephone, email, or face to face sessions, including any work completed behind the scenes such as writing templates for structuring your assignments based on your specification, marking scheme and module guidance.

What is included?

• Providing templates for structuring an assignment, thesis or dissertation
• Answering questions or queries about your assignments
• Providing advice and guidance on your work
• Explaining and developing skills such as critical thinking and academic writing, including providing models to help you.

Payment for services is strictly in advance by bank transfer. Details will be provided upon quotation and agreement of services.

Proofreading / copy editing

Too many students do not get their written work checked. Simple errors, often unnoticed, can affect the impression and quality of your work. If you are writing coursework, assignments, personal statements, dissertations or a PhD thesis, I would encourage you to let Decimal Education proofread your work.

The standard charge for proofreading / copy editing is:

• £12.50 per 1,000 words What is included?

• Correction of errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar
• Improving sentence structure
• Formatting of text
• Depending on your needs, a quick turnaround of work can be arranged. Just get in touch with your requirements.

The price charged is solely based on word count, not the level of editing required, so you can be confident that the price you are given is the price you will pay.

When you are ready please send your email to

dean@decimaleducation.co.uk or office@decimaleducation.co.uk with your questions and requirements. We look forward to helping and supporting you on your journey to success.
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